Biennial Conference – Ballarat

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Every two years there is a meeting in Australia of the Ryder Cheshire group in Australia, India and Timor Leste. This year, our biennial conference is being held in Ballarat involving the Australian operation (Homes and State Offices) and representatives from our Indian operation (Raphael) and Timor Leste (Klibur Domin) and we have our representatives from Raphael and Klibur Domin attending. On Thursday the Home hosted them to a visit so they could see our operation first hand.

The Ballarat Support Group of Ryder-Cheshire Australia Victoria hosted the organisation’s 2016 Biennial Conference in Ballarat.

Some 107 delegates, supporters, guests and members of the various Ryder-Cheshire organisations met at the Mercure Hotel and Conference Centre to exchange ideas and hear of the wonderful work being done by Ryder-Cheshire to relieve suffering all over the world.

We were honoured to have his Excellency Sr Abel Guterres, Timor Leste Ambassador to Australia open the conference, and were privileged that he spent the weekend participating in the conference activities.

Other esteemed guests were Brigadier Arun Bhatnagar, CEO of Raphael, India and his wife Shobhna, and St Joaquim Soares, Director of Klibur Domin, Timor Leste and his wife Maria.  Brigadier Arun and Sr Joaquim each gave a detailed and informative presentation of their respective responsibilities.

Also present was Caroline Tapley, Ryder-Cheshire New Zealand who spoke passionately about their New Zealand projects and support for both Raphael and Klibur Domin.

A feature of the Saturday morning’s events was the recognition of the 50 years excellent and outstanding service given the Ryder-Cheshire organisation by Don Sinclair, retiring president of Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes Foundation Inc.

At the Home 1

Image 1: Afternoon tea image (from the left as you look at the image):
Arun Bhatnagar, CEO of Raphael
Joaquim, Soares, CEO of Klibur Domin
Maria Soares, wife of Joaquim
Peter Newton, President of Ryder Cheshire Australia
Helen Newton, Peter's wife
Peter Overton, Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes Foundation Inc (RCVHF)
Shobhna Bhatnagar (Arun's wife)
Don Hamilton, President RCVHF and
Jane Gorey, Resident Carer RCVHF

At the Home 2

Image 2: The image in the lobby is (from left to right):
Joaquim, Soares, CEO of Klibur Domin
Maria Soares, wife of Joaquim
Arun Bhatnagar, CEO of Raphael and
Shobhna Bhatnagar (Arun's wife)

Peter Newton

Some Attendees


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